Jackeline Cacho

Jackeline Cacho
Mistress of Ceremony

Founder and Emmy Nominee Host, "Jackeline Cacho Presenta Triunfo Latino"

Jackeline Cacho is the two-times Emmy Nominee host of “Jackeline Cacho Presenta Triunfo Latino,” the highest rated television program on the Spanish-language PBS network VMe TV.

Seen in more than 40 cities across the country and now in its sixth season, the show features guests who are making major strides to lift the image of Latinos and leverage their fame and expertise in helping communities all over the nation.

In 2017, Cacho received two EMMY Nominations, Outstanding Entertainment National TV Show in Spanish and Outstanding Daytime Talent in Spanish.

The show is also seen in Los Angeles, the #1 Latino market in the nation, Monday through Friday at 11 am on KBEH-TV Channel 63 and Saturdays and Sundays at 4 pm on KWHY-TV Channel 22.

A gifted journalist and role model for women who struggle with inner and outer challenges, Cacho’s career has taken many turns but her commitment to her roots, her integrity and her quest to spotlight other successful Latinos has never wavered. From political stalwarts like former San Antonio Mayor and HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros to celebrities, influencers and activists, each show illuminates for viewers the hard work and dedication her guests have invested to reach their success.

Cacho partnered with Thene Muciño, a Mexican director and producer, and both founded JC Vision & Finding Productions, a media marketing services agency with expertise in producing commercials and infomercials, corporate videos, music videos, live events and advertising campaigns and positive programming in Spanish.

In a new direction for her, Cacho will soon release her first book in Spanish, “Mi Mochila Emocional,” chronicling her courageous fight with depression and anxiety attacks. Her gut-wrenching account of the disease and how it almost derailed her fast-track career path is meant to be a beacon of support for all who suffer from debilitating depression.