Victoria Flores

Victoria Flores
Co-founder and CEO, Lux Beauty Club

After many years holding positions in the financial industry, Victoria Flores found her “Aha!” moment in 2012, when she became a partner with Leslie Wilson and launched Lux Beauty Club to create a one-stop shopping community where customers could buy hair and beauty products on a regular basis.

Today, Lux Beauty Club offers individual hair extensions to people with all type of budgets. This business caters to luxury hair extensions, which are delivered door-to-door.

Because of her education in finance –Victoria’s corporate career included working with Themis Capital, Morgan Stanley, Adriana Carador Designs and Katz Capital –, her success in accessing to capital resources and raising capital looked if not easy but at least possible.

Raising capital has always been the most difficult obstacle to overcome. “When you are not 23 and a Harvard gradate, it makes fundraising difficult without that network. You have to be comfortable with hearing NO. It should become second nature,” said Victoria.

“I am intensely motivated and know that I can’t do this alone. I want people to feel included in our journey. I want my team to know that their ideas matter,” Victoria shared. Lux Beauty Club has now run several rounds of fundraising campaigns raising over $300K with great giveaways and rewards.