Vicky Ayala

Vicky Ayala
Founder, Blogger, Influencer Quirky Bodega


As a brand strategist and visual storyteller, Vicky is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who teaches others how to navigate the entrepreneurial journey with creativity and magic. Her signature program, Organize Your Creative Genius, provides structure for service-based entrepreneurs who want to ideate their signature offering, monetize their bankable skills, and manage the logistics for executing their online business. She is also creator of the Quirky Bodega, an online boutique providing books, decks, and accessories for soul-driven entrepreneurs.

Vicky has over 15 years of combined experience in design, online marketing, program development, and vocational counseling within the social services sector and as well as the startup industry. She has also worked with major media and entertainment brands such as NBC Universal and Vme TV. She now uses her expertise to show multi-passionate entrepreneurs how to gain the clarity, confidence, and courage to create a brand and business that’s not only rooted in authenticity but also built to thrive in any niche.

Vicky works one-on-one with coaches, performing artists, media personalities, and creative entrepreneurs to cultivate their personal brand and integrate their personality into a global online business.When she’s not making magic, you can find Vicky musing about the entrepreneurial lifestyle while on an endless quest for the perfect chai tea latte. She is also known for going on quirky adventures with her SLR camera and Spotify playlists in tow.


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