Aquiles Larrea

Aquiles Larrea
Latino wealth advisor, and author, CEO, Larrea Wealth Management

Noted columnist, CEO, Latino wealth advisor, and author Aquiles Larrea, Jr.
will tell you what you need to start doing now, and who the “right” professionals
are that need to work with you to take care of yourself and your loved ones.

At Larrea Wealth Management, Aquiles acts as your personal CFO to help get Latino executives and Business owners like you to get out of the office and enjoy the time with your loved ones on your own terms. We're not for everybody, however maybe it's time to find ou!

Together with his expert partners, Aquiles helps clients address their five biggest concerns:

Preserving their wealth
Mitigating taxes
Taking care of their heirs
Ensuring their assets are not unjustly taken
Charitable giving

This unique approach helps our executives and their families make us the firm of choice within the community.

Our team may also include the following disciplines:

Certified Public Accountant
-to make certain you pay the least amount of income tax

Retirement Planner
- to establish a solid plan for your retirement years

Disability Insurance Specialist
- to ensure you are covered if you become injured or sick

Estate Planning Attorney
- to provide for your heirs

Practice Consultant
- to ensure that your practice operates at the most efficient level possible

We may bring in additional experts to address specific areas in your wealth plan.
We would also welcome any professionals you are personally working with so we may integrate their advice and recommendations into our process.