Ana Torres

Ana Torres
Founder and CEO, GlobalVoiceTN

Ana Torres is a US citizen born in Argentina and raised in Colombia. She started her career as a language entrepreneur when she founded Global VoiceTN Interpreters and Translators in Colombia, and later GVSolutions in New York. 

During her formative years, she participated in humanitarian programs to improve the quality of life for vulnerable youth and children in Colombia. She also studied music, and literature and traveled in the USA. Her exposure to the cultural and social differences between countries in South America and the USA stoked her passion to work towards closing global communication gaps.

As the founder and CEO of two companies and a government contractor for language and logistics services, she learned to manage complex, onsite issues, deliver projects within limited time frames and work under pressure. Executing projects in these demanding fields, where flexibility and problem-solving are a constant, have polished her natural talents for administration and organizational tasks.

Ana aims to improve community access to language tools and is currently piloting a break-through language app that will provide fast and accurate translation services around the world and help to save disappearing languages.

Ana has been the Spanish voice for public figures such as Sir Richard Branson, Starbucks Founder Howard Schultz, Netflix Founder Marc Randolph, and Nobel laureate Shirin Ebadi. 

She has been the English voice for the Red Cross International, The United Nations, Former Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and many more. She has a degree in languages from Universidad Nacional de Colombia and a medical interpretation degree from UMass Amhurst.

Ana's driving motivation? Clearing glass ceilings for her 4 Afro-Latina daughters and mentoring other young Latino women along the way.

Quote: Be a content creator, not a content consumer.